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Natures Essence Apple Pack
Natures Essence Bridal Pack
Natures Essence Lacto Tan Clear
Nature's Essence Sun Ban Sunscreen Lotion SPF40
Natures Essence Winter Magic Fairness Cold Cream
Natures Essence Neem Aloevera Face wash
Natures Essence Papaya Pack for Blemishes and Pigmentation
Natures Essence Fruit Bleach
Natures Essence Saffron Massage Cream
Natures Essence Diamond Facial Kit Mini
Natures Essence Papaya Facial Treatment Kit
Nature's essence Diamond Skin Polishing Facial kit
Natures Essence Glycolic Anti Marks Facial kit - Large
Nature's Essence Silver Facial Kit
Nature's Essence Glow Facial Kit
Natures Essence Banana Kit
Nature's Essence Fruit Facial Kit
Nature's Essence Collagen Facial Kit - Large
Natures Essence Snowhite Salsa
Natures Timeless Beauty Mattifying Day Cream
Nature's Essence Gold Kit
Natures Essence Henna Care
Natures Essence Nature's Gold Illuminating face wash
Natures Essence n Nature's Gold Kit
Natures Essence n Nature's Gold Pack
Natures Essence Natures Gold Scrub
Nature's Essence Soft Touch Gold Hair Removal Cream
Natures Essence Lacto Protein Skin Lightening Cream
Natures Essence Mint Cleanser Anti Septic Cleanser
Natures Essence Gold Gel
Natures Essence Magic Coconut Care
Nature's Essence Soft Touch Diamond Hair Removal Cream
Nature's Essence Papaya Anti Blemish Facial Kit
Nature's Essence Soft Touch Lemon Hair Removal Cream
Natures Essence Almond & Honey All Purpose Cream
Natures Essence Gold Massage Cream
Natures Essence All Purpose Cream, Almond and Honey Cream
Natures Essence Cream, Fruit Nut
Natures Essence Natures Timeless Beuty Spot Reduction Brightness Cream
Natures Essence Ravishing Gold Kit
Natures Essence Ravishing Gold Cleansing Scrub
Natures Essence Facial Kit, Papaya
Natures Essence Caressence Timeless Beauty Intensive Eye Treatment
Natures Essence Moisturising Beauty Gel, Aloevera
Nature's Essence Acne Magic Face Wash
Nature's Essence Acne Magic Soap
Nature's Essence Acne Pimple Kit
Nature's Essence Almond & Honey All Purpose Cream
Nature's Essence Almond & Honey Body Lotion
Nature's Essence Almonds & Honey Deep Cleansing Milk
Nature's Essence Aloevera Moisturizing Bar With Aloe Vera Extract
Nature's Essence Anti Ageing Aloevera Soap
Nature's Essence Banana Facial Kit
Nature's Essence Bridal Glow Facial Kit
Nature's Essence Caressence Apricot & Peach Scrub
Nature's Essence Carotene Hair Fall Control Oil
Nature's Essence Dark Circle & Puffiness Reducing Eye Cream
Nature's Essence Diamond Bleach
Nature's Essence Diamond Facial Kit
Nature's essence Diamond Skin Polishing Facial kit
Nature's Essence Fruit Nut Face Massage Cream
Nature's Essence Glycolic Anti Mark Kit
Nature's Essence Gold Anti Ageing Age Defense Cream
Nature's Essence Gold Bleach
Nature's Essence Gold Massage Gel
Nature's Essence Lacto Bleach
Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Clear
Nature's Essence Lacto Tan Soap
Magic Ayurveda Face Wash For Acne & Pimples
Nature's Essence Magic Henna Hair Color
ature's Essence Magic Papaya Anti Blemish Cream
Nature's Essence Manicure Pedicure Hand and Foot Care Kit
Nature's Essence Nature's Timeless Beauty Mattifying Day Cream (SPF15)
Nature's Essence Neem & Aloevera Moisturising Lotion
Nature's Essence Neem & Aloevera Purifying Bathing Bar
Nature's Essence Neem & Aloevera Purifying Beauty Bar
Nature's Essence Neem Care Anti Dandruff Shampoo
Nature's Essence Orange Scrub Pack
Sattvik Organics - Oxypeel Scrub
Nature's Essence Papaya Cream
Nature's Essence Papaya Facial Kit
Nature's Essence Papaya Pack
Nature's Essence Pearl Kit - Large
Nature's Essence Perfect Papaya Face Wash
Nature's Essence Pearl Facial Kit Mini
Nature's Essence Timeless Beauty Regenerating Firming Cream
Nature's Essence Snowhite Salsa
Nature's Essence Soft Touch Gold Hair Remover

About Natures Essence

Nature’s Essence born out of a modest budget and inspired thought was created in the year 1998 to carve a niche amongst the beauty jungle where the giants were more than happy to crumble minnows in manufacturing and exporting of Facial Massage Cream and Natural Facial Massage Cream.

However with the incredible and firm spirit, Nature’s Essence has stood the test of time and grown to a US$ 15 million enterprise and growing now at the speed of nautical miles, throwing caution to the winds and to the endearing competition. The company hopes to be a 25 million US$ company by the year end. The company now has 4 established manufacturing facilities at Haridwar in India with a current capacity of around 100 million US$ and every effort is being made to match the sales so that the capacities could be further extended.

The company has extended its distribution network across the country with around 2000 direct distributors and a large number of indirect distributors supported by about 1500 marketing personnel. The products such as Facial Massage Cream, Natural Facial Massage Cream and so on, have made a strong foothold in about 2000 cities and towns. We have also been looking forward for exploring remote and interior parts of the country. More than 100000 salons and 25000 retail counters are, at present, patrons of our high quality products, reaching over to 2500000 consumers. Nature’s Essence currently exports to over 24 countries and is expanding its reach to another 10 countries this year.

In terms of Infrastructure, the company rubs shoulder with peers 3-4 times its size and has the best of plant and machinery in its domain. The entire plant is automatic with equipment for every type of packaging and manufacturing requirement of Facial Massage Cream and Natural Facial Massage Cream. Quality management is a key initiative and the company adheres to stringent checks in line with the requirements of being an ISO 9001-2000 and  GMP certified company. The company now aims to further the accreditation from top notch quality watchdogs and would soon raise the bar to the next level.

Nature’s Essence is a brand that welcomes young and enthusiastic professionals who wish to make it big in the corporate world and wish to grow by leaps and bounds with the fastest growing company in its segment. There are exciting opportunities in the field of sales, marketing, production, media, distribution, office administration and promotional divisions of the organization. It’s a pleasure for the organization to be instrumental in nurturing many a corporate and career dreams.